Hi, I’m Peter Donald and my passion is to help people overcome their food intolerances.  I’m a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Naturopath, husband, dad, and food intolerance survivor.  I found my root causes and I can help you do it too.

My wife of 26 years, Julie, a Registered Nurse and Homeopath, works with me.  Julie has walked beside me and helped me to overcome my food intolerances. When functional medicine alone didn’t fix my food allergies she had the answers that finally allowed me to stop reacting to regular foods.  We live on the Central Coast, NSW with our two children.

I’ve been in practice since 2010 and in that time have helped over 200 people overcome their food intolerances.  I believe almost anyone can reverse their food allergies if they find their root causes and individually address each issue.  Then they can slowly return to eating the foods that caused them trouble in the past.

Over time, while dealing with people who suffered from Food Intolerances, we started to realise that there were three things you need to be aware of that made a difference to the final outcome…

1. People with food intolerances are told the only solution is to avoid the food forever.

Many of my clients have received this advice from their doctor and I’m here to tell you this advice is WRONG.  While removing the foods may stop some of your symptoms often what happens is you begin to get more and more intolerances.  And then a few months or years later you can only eat 5-10 foods. The reason for this is because you are not addressing the REASON why the food intolerances are happening.  Removal of the foods is just a band aid and will not fix the root issues

2. People end up on drugs because their skin or allergies flare up

Often times I see people who are having skin breakouts or rashes who are prescribed drugs and other damaging things.   Had they treated their root cause of food intolerances the skin problems would have never happened. I also see people regularly taking antihistamines or other medications that have long term side effects.  When we treat the underlying immune system these types of issues often disappear.

3. Food intolerances are not “just a gut problem” it’s a whole body issue

It’s a massive myth to think that food intolerances are just a digestive issue.  While the gut is a major focus of what we do it’s not even close to the only focus.  In fact, one of the many reasons people aren’t ever able to overcome their food intolerances is because they think too narrow minded.  They forget that the body is a system of systems and that dysfunction in any one area over time will always cause issues elsewhere. So if you have food intolerances, yes work on your gut health but please be aware of the many other root causes of these issues.


My daughter had allergies and behavioural problems that have severely affected all our family.  She was always in trouble at school. Your holistic treatment has saved our sanity. Thank you.”
– Jo-anne – Tascott

When I found Peter I had very severe allergies that were gradually getting worse and impacting heavily on the life of not only myself, but my family.  I could hardly eat anything, as I would be ill for the rest of the day/week. It was a struggle to get out of bed each morning.

Peter’s treatment plan has changed all that and now after 4 months I have energy again AND I can eat small amounts of gluten and dairy.

I’m looking forward to completing my program with you over the coming months.”
– Kostas –  Summerland Point


I have just completed 6 months of treatment with Peter and Julie.  Before I started I had multiple food allergies that were becoming worse year by year.

Peter and Julie have been literally a “breath of fresh air”.  They are professional and kind, knowledgeable and good listeners.  I am now enjoying eggs and dairy again for the first time in 15 years!  Thank you SO much!!”

– Cynthia – Terrigal

Food Intolerances don’t need to be a life sentence.  There is a way…

Living with food intolerances can be a “nightmare”… but it doesn’t have to be this way.

It’s frustrating when you’re doing all of the right things, but you’re still not getting any better. When you’ve eliminated many things in your diet, and more intolerances seem to be appearing.

You’ve just been asked out to someone’s house to dine.  Do you feel shame or uncomfortable when you need to organise your menu in advance?

You explain why you can’t eat at a cafe your friends have chosen for lunch.  Do you feel angry or frustrated inside when people give you ‘that’ look?

Have you had to answer the many questions asked by friends and family?  Then feel the flood of anxiety when you’re served a meal you know will make you sick.  Do you eat it…or cause another ‘scene’?

We understand.  We’ve been there.

Often people only see the ‘healthy person’ on the outside and think that your behaviour is unnecessary.  They don’t see the frequent toilet visits, the abdominal pain, the dullness of your thinking. They don’t know about the desperation and anxiety you feel on the inside.

We can help you find the  hidden places that need healing.

The “sources” or “root causes” of your issues.

When we find them and reverse them, your entire relationship to food will be changed.

Click the link below to learn more about our FREE 30 minute “Food Intolerance Troubleshooting Session”.  We’ll explore your health history in deeper detail and identify some of the top root causes of your Food Intolerances.   We’ll personalise a treatment plan for you.

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We look forward to chatting with you.

Peter and Julie